Reviews for "Monster Mashing Deluxe"

fast and fun

all right for a running simulator in a dungeon crawler. just when your grabbed by some hot teenage monster expecting you to "mash" her and you say no and you hit her for trying, she moans for more so you nock her out while the never ending darkness chases you.

Now to use the skills I learned from this game in real life!
Cool game! te controls are really nice and the general idea of this game is amazing. Keep up the good work!

The same as before but with more monstergirls? Yes please! (more sound effects would be nice tho :) )

ninjamuffin99 responds:

Might look into new/more sfx, since all of the ones we have right now were from when we were rushing to finish the game almost a month ago lol

>sees game
>clicks on game without reading description
>clicks play
>encounters monster girl
>mashes buttons
>gets bamboozled
>in the midst of being shocked and bamboozled, forgets a game is happening and dies...

11/10 would get bamboozled again