Reviews for "Monster Mashing Deluxe"

Neat little game, the only suggestions I'd have would be for some sort of speedometer so we could get an idea of how fast we were going and how much speed each girl added to help us balance out our speed boosts, and ideally if it was on a grid system so you just pressed left or right to move equal spacing each time; what killed me most of the time was getting caught by a pixel or two of rock or wall each time :P

Hey, uh. Could you give me the game resources? The girls I mean.

Gimmy gimmy!

ninjamuffin99 responds:

check Digi's art page!

I think the art is really lovely. I would really like to see more the artist's work. The sprite work is nice. For what the game is, I think it's really fast paced and attention heavy. That's great.
It's built really well to encourage a addictive attraction. I just don't really like the endless nature of this game, but I understand that is a preference rather than a critique.
As a separation of art and game, I just would rather play a different genre of game with this same art.

Shit this thing is damn hard..and frustrating... but addicting and well-executed :D

AMAZING!!!! Peak gameplay, superbus storytelling, and a overall great sound track and ambient music. Artistically one of the most dearing and complex on both technique and complexity, simply mesmerizing. 10/10 Will recomend to all my friend's in Harvard.

PS: u mum gey.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

yeah its ok