Reviews for "Monster Mashing Deluxe"

sex sells 0.0

ninjamuffin99 responds:

yup ;o

How do I get it working on mobile?

ninjamuffin99 responds:

you should just be able to open the page on your phone, however I've seen BrandyBuizel having issues loading the game on mobile, so it might be an issue on NG's side if you cant load it up right now!


I am really enjoying this submission of yours, Its pretty entertaining, As for Lacking areas in this flash entry it was ok there could be some changes and cleaning up points, I will elaborate more on that in the improvments, But from a starting point this was actually notbad of a start on this submission, and was pretty impressed with a few things, so lets get this review really started now. But anyways the game was fun and hard to figure out till I found some naked lady lol, the medals were a nice addition, you should make a bonus level like secerte door or something, anyways nice game.

you should make a bonus level like secerte door or something


Pretty cool game

Those rocks can blend in sometimes. This game is funny.