Reviews for "Monster Mashing Deluxe"

When I first played this game I was dissapointed real fast. to summarize: High effort, low reward and kind of uncontrollable no-fun gameplay. But after the last update I figured a second chance should be given. And let me say this: it has improved, a lot. Being able to 'skip' girls by not doing anything is a very good addition, it adds a feeling of being in conrol to the player, though i'm not sure if you removed the speed boost completely in all cases. furthermore the music is a nice addtion along with the sound effects, heh oh my.

As for some suggestions and advice. I've read in some other reviews the suggestion for a gallery, this is a smart move, then make certain monster girls only appear after a specific distance and you will play into the collection urge that gamers usually have (achievements were probably invented on this principle). Also a 'dash ability' would be useful, you get 3 charges to dash forward incase you dont encounter monster girls, this will add to the feeling of control for the player without necessarily breaking the game if need be it could ragain a charge by collecting girls or a powerup or something. Perhaps with some finetuning and expanding upon this idea you could actually turn this into a little project for crowdfunding platforms such as patreon, if you'd want that.

Well, looking at this massive review I'd say i've atoned for the initial low vote i threw at this game, I bid you farewell and good luck.

A lot of potential for this game. An addition that would make the game more playable is if instead of free control left and right of the character the players is snapped to a grid so that 1 click snaps you to a different lane (kinda like a rhythm game IE. guitar hero, tap tap revenge). This would get rid of getting stuck on the edge of a rock, which at high horniness is easy. Of coarse you can make an option to turn this on and off for hardcore players.

My problem with this game is the same as others have mentioned. It's too fast and I end up getting stuck behind a rock with no way I could react in time. Maybe others have better reflexes, but I personally found it impossible. It would help a bit if you made speeding up when you hit a monster girl optional. Another thing that would help is if the "strip" buttons were different from the movement buttons to avoid accidental movement.

I like infinite runners in general and I think that if you made the speed managable this could be a fun game. Also the art is top-notch and I think this has potential as an "adult game" if you choose to go that route. Your commitment to ongoing development is appreciated, good luck!

Almost a perfect game! The controls are very smooth and responsive, the mechanics are mostly consistent and fun, the music is well done, and the art is... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I'll just leave you with a rundown of thoughts:
- I'm looking forward to a gallery mode!
- an A-rated version could be just as successful as this one
- I'd like a "hold [button]" as an optional alternative to LR spam for those with RSI. Mine is fairly mild, but I can definitely see some having to avoid the game entirely.
- What if different monster girls appeared in each biome? Dragons in the desert, rabbits in the snow, etc. - something for future updates.
- What if not spamming LR would lower the speed boost from each monster relative to spamming it? Could make the unavoidable hits slightly more manageable, at the cost of throwing off your rhythm.
- Are you against adding some kind of discrete gauge or indicator for horniness level? Could be as simple as a colored line going up the side of the screen, or a number in a top corner.
- A couple of good runs have ended when even a fairly high speed just ran out because no monsters were spawning. This doesn't seem like intended behavior.
- Similarly to the above, sometimes you're flooded with spawns and are forced to hit 5, 6, 7 of them in rapid succession, leading to burnout. It's a delicate balance, which I suppose is the point.
- Sometimes a monster will just disappear off the screen. Sometimes that's a blessing, sometimes it's a curse.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

ayy thanks for the review
-yeye gallery mode gon be good
-uncensored A rated may or may not happen because Digimin is a tease and cucks people and shit, but he's a boy of mystery so WHO KNOWS @ HIM ON TWITTER AND TELL HIM TO UPLOAD MORE ART TO NG GUYS
-accessibility is def gonna be improved too, we've gotten a few complaints about the L+R spam being annoying and whatnot.
-different girls in different biomes would probably happen if we expanded upon the game more
-we've been talking about how to go about the speed problem(where if you go too fast you're done for basically), and we've come up with a similar solution that we still need to test out and whatnot
-a simple little bar for speed would be helpful yeah
-monster spawning is still kinda iffy, and almost an uncontrolled random right now, but it's been on the fix list for a little bit, so hopefully by the next update it's fixed up
-monsters disappearing is also partly how im spawning them, partly how im getting rid of them, so i'll look into it more

Good ass review dude thanke thanke (also 21K SCORE NICE DUDE)

I have three words for this: "What.The.HELL." this is so wrong in so many damn ways.....