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Reviews for "Seinfeld Assassination"

Fuck this game

This "game" sux. You just click on the lights and you win. That is not a GAME dammit! If there was any more to the game than just clicking the lights, it would be good, since I hate him so much, but you click on one thing and thats the entire game. Pointless.

i hate seinfeld

i hate seinfeld and i wanna kill him but that was just no fun u got one thing to do and it sucks. i wannna stab him or light him on fire or something like that and please that wasent funny


I'm sorry but I didn't really like this game - even for a first game it wasnt good - there should of been more to do.

Not great

This wasn't great because it was extremely short and it should have been more than him just standing there repeating himself. It was semi ok though.

good job

glad someone put us out of our misery but killing that pretentious bastard. thank you. wish you could have offered more ways to kill him though.