Reviews for "Dragonfire: A Game of Pixels"

Pretty nice and engaging game, but the facts that there's no fail-safe to avoid damage over time and more often than not you get hit by catapults even at the highest altitude made achievement-hunting an excruciating experience. I had to give up from burning 100 airships in one run, because it's always the catapults and the inescapable damage over time ending my run when I'm a measly 17 airships short.

Really enjoyed this. A great hour+ of gaming! 8)

Good time waster, but it's a bit... plain?

I felt like I wasted my time on a boring game cause i got like 6 medals it showed but refreshed the page to see only 2 medals unlocked oh how great..

Okay i feel like Dany on the back of Drogon while playing, good work!