Reviews for "Dragonfire: A Game of Pixels"

This game was very good, definetly enough for the front page, but there are too many spear throwers, the bombs are annoying because they have a too long explosion, and the music cuts out at the end.

snoboxstudio responds:

Thank you!

Hmmm, this wasn't bad, but it had a huge flaw. There was no sound! I tried to see if it was something wrong with my laptop and the sound worked everywhere else. It just seemed really lacking that way. I still thought the game wasn't bad. It was easy to follow.

I kept dying when I went to the ground. Was that really the end of the level? It was too short. The graphics are pretty good. It's just not recommendable.

snoboxstudio responds:

That is really odd Ericho, did you have you internet browser tab muted? We have sound for every aspect of the game :)
Also I think you should go back and read the instructions. There is a way to control your flight.

EDIT: We have heard from our programmer and it doesn't work as well in Internet Explorer browser, possibly that was the problem for the sound?

Pretty simple and nice game, but the Medals were not unlocking for me

snoboxstudio responds:

Thank you for letting us know!! We will look into it ASAP!

I Didn't read the instructions and i stayed 3 runs without using fire ;-;

snoboxstudio responds:

Lol! You lucky duck! xD
Glad you liked it!

Not a complex or difficult game - just fly over the countryside and burn everything in sight. There's something oddly satisfying about it all.

The whole game is vaguely like that one level in How To Raise A Dragon, except without all the moral-decision-making stuff.

snoboxstudio responds:

Hahaha thank you! Who needs that moral garbage right? Sometimes you just have to burn, baby, burn!
Glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for playing, rating and reviewing! :D