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Reviews for "A Day With Paige 1.01"

that was brilliant the art was great, the comedy was good i also like that you left the option to leave her breasts small because as we all know flat is justice. the music is good and the comedy was actually good, Paige was actually cute, i can't wait till this actually becomes a finished product, message me when it's finished please I can't wait for the final product.


Wow talk about setting a bar high, This had everything great art, Good UI, Music on point, Actual comedy, Meaningful choices and an interesting although small cast of characters. Story is still to be seen but no doubt it will be great aswell. The little mini games were interesting too didn't have problems with any.

Wouldn't mind some sort of save function to make it easier to look at other choices but I feel as though the game/demo is good enough to warrant multiple playthroughs so I'll definitely be back to have a 3rd and 4th try.

I do have a couple things to point out, If you complete the banana engorgement mini-game on the first try the dialogue is the same as if you failed and got it on the second try I feel as though there should be a different dialogue since failing was supposed to show why it's forbidden.

Another thing, during Paige's breast enlargement mini game after successfully making her breasts return to normal size and having her ask to make them even bigger the top right choice (Red/Mean choice) was unusually small compared to the others, I was unable to read the text at all but still able to select it. Seems like a weird bug so I wasn't sure if that was on purpose or not.

and finally during my first playthrough in which I had headphones on I would hear the sound effect of one of the characters talking but not see any text appear, I was also unsure if this is a bug or if that sound effect is just meant to play.

Thank you for the demo and for raising the standard of adult games, Can't wait to see some of those unimplemented dialogue choices. ;) Oh and great work having it run perfectly on my crappy little notebook.

Love it. Very funny, good artwork and designs. Is it possible to "win" the first challenge with the whirlwind, or does it always end up flashing Paige? Also, there are some chat options that are not available...is that just because this is a teaser, or are there different options if I show up in a burrito?
Keep up the good work!

It was really funny and entertaining to play, I liked the music and art aswell, i hope there is a continuation soon :)