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Reviews for "A Day With Paige 1.01"

I enjoyed it. Paige is very cute. I like the art style as well. The teacher is interesting. Kind of hope to see more content soon.

Excellent and fun. I especially enjoyed the minigames. How much will this game cost when it's completed? Or will it be completely free? I'm fine either way. I enjoyed it so much that I'll pay any price as long as it has more awesome levels. Hopefully the sex scenes happen soon. I would enjoy scenes where a couple of the girls actually lose their virginity to the main character. It would definitely make the game more realistic, as well. About the breast augmentation scene, however. Paige should probably moan as you increase their size. Making her moan more and more as they grow in size would add more realism and eroticism to the game.

Finally, can you change the colour of the blanket burrito? Brown is kind of bland and doesn't suit the character's design. His hair is black, meaning the best colour to compliment him would be white. It'd also give time for some fun dialogue when adding extra options. 'Are your underwear the same colour?' 'No. They're pink like your pussy.'


I haven't been this interested in the "story" and laughed this good of a game, so far this year!!

Keep it up!!

sequel pls. not even a single fuck scene

I'm only rating 2.5 stars because I've been stuck on the banana minigame for literally over an hour due to how heavily laggy and glitchy it is. How big does it have to be? Because it seems like no matter how big i get it it wont let me pass. Everything else was perfect until the banana minigame and, as i said, its the only reason I'm giving it less than 4.5 stars because from what i could see, this could probably be the best adult game on newgrounds. All i want to know is how big the banana has to be

wandfully responds:

It just started being laggy this past week. Some recent browser updates screwed up the rendering quite badly, and the fps drop makes things very confusing. We're trying to fix it as of now.

Btw, if you max out the banana and let it sit still for about 10s, it works. Not ideal by a long shot, but it's at least some work around. Also, losing 5 times skips it without any consequence.