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Reviews for "A Day With Paige 1.01"

Once the dialogue finished i can't do anything
Stuck in an empty room.

once you figure out the somewhat janky minigame, this gets a lot better. I really like the writing and where this could go

Good concept and genuinely interesting. as for the inflating objects bit. It took me a few trys but its really not that hard. though i will say that of the 2 approaches i took to it. I found speed to be much more likely to work. once the object your working on reaches its "peramiters" for example the line around the banana that you need to inflate it to. it will check and correct itself and you win but you need to be fast when doing this.

I find click all around just inside (or if needed) around the banana and boobs wins just about ever time but you need to click as fast as possible and all around the un inflated areas. just try it a few times youll eventually figure it out. best to practice on mrs. boobs alot cause you get a 2 life set ontop of getting to retry if you fuck up both times and get the game over.

Banana is impossible

Auto-Play Dialogue spontaneously toggles, leading to missed lines.