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Reviews for "A Day With Paige 1.01"

Can't wait for this to be finished! More GUI's! More Storylines! More erotic scenes! More gameplay!

goddamn... the production value on this is fantastic. The animations smooth, the slides neat and clean. The art is thematic and on point.

I'm holding the rest of the game to this standard. Do not dissapoint

Great beginning. I love the sense of humor. The art is also very good. There even seems to be meaningful decisions to be made.

Even if pornless at the moment (which is not what the missing star is about), I'm afraid your auto-text speed is much too slow.

Understandably, you don't want people to skip through your carefully planned dialogue, but I do not read that slowly so it would be great if there is a text speed option is the future at least. ;)

very good start can't wait to see the complete game