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Reviews for "A Day With Paige 1.01"

is this dead ?

wandfully responds:

Nope! It's slowly being remade and expanded!

Honestly though. Loved the humor. Only thing I hate is that the banana makes no sense. Itook time, clicked slowly. Took my time, Clicked fast. I just don't understand how the banana is supposed to be kept in shape, I click outer the inside just gets red. I would want to say I love this, but after spending 30 minutes on the banana and never figring it out, I just got too frustrated that I refused to play past it. Even though I would've wanted to see what else is in store.

A red circle? Let me press that.
Oh wait, that bit that I was targetting just stayed in place and the area around it expanded like it was one of them Twitch Thot's asses spreading as if someone donated 100k.

No, seriously. I really want to love this game, music is great, art is fascinating in it's own way, the amount of choise you have is perfect, humor and writing is better than 99% of VN/Story games. This banana just ruins it for me too fucking hard.

(I don't leave games before finishing them 100%, but I'm here to fap first, achieve 100% 2nd)

I don't know why but I would love to see more being added to this game.

Pretty cool concept, would have liked more options in dialogue, and the game sometimes gets stuck, but it's pretty intriguing and I'm looking forward to a potential sequel.

I really hope this game is not dead as it was funny and enjoyable.