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Reviews for "A Day With Paige 1.01"

can't get past the banana but i liked it tho

Holy shit, I actually used the engorgement enchantment on paige's boobs twice SUCESSFULLY!
Fun game, cant wait to see more. Looking forward to future updates and eventually the end game (even if its behind a pay wall)

Fun teaser, is the full version going to be paywalled?


Wow, what can I say:
Good writing, pretty tongue in cheek, but still compelling.
Actual interactivity in a visual novel!
The use of fonts is quite interesting, but I feel like you should have the narrator ask and explain it before you begin your story, for people who have trouble with different fonts. Personally I liked it though.

Even just having the transition music between scenes helps set the tone of the story beautifully.

I can't wait for more!