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Reviews for "Shop Empire Fable"

My guard didn't catch the thief and i have placed guards in all 3 floors. Now thief doesn't show up. I'm on 26th day.

It is hard to see a new game, and now i see furry concept of jmtb02's Corporation Inc you were surely inspired with. That's all about the game.
Well, the most interesting point to me is what is the song in the menu? I recognize the melody from Chatterbox book i was studying *sob* more than 20 years ago. The song was there was called AEIOU, is it some kind of English floklore?

um is this just a rip off of the make a mall game or the same guy?

Um, its ok. I got (I think) all the stores unlocked. Some of the balancing seems a little off... I was a bit disappointed that the entertainment field is completely blocked off for so long. Same for the last food shops, it was tavern then nothing for ages until, boom, the other 3 shops came unlocked together.

I also didn't understand the importance of the stats on your staff. Hygiene? Um, ok?

I did like how weather and special guests affected the game. I did like the visiting wagons, and liked the variety of stores and how they were graphically incorporated in game (The seed shop and bath house being my favorite look).

I was really confused by this game at first. I just had no idea what was going on. I then realized I had to press stuff on the left to build things! I feel dumb for missing that. Anyway, this was a pretty good game. I'm just not into these.

The graphics and detail are quite nice. It's just that it's too slow for me. Yeah, it's probably something with my laptop. I did buy a cheap one. The music's nice too.