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Reviews for "Shop Empire Fable"

There is still the same exact problems that the half dozen other clones of this game have from the first release. It really bothers me that you say you are "making improvements" to the game when really you use the same broken glitchy game every time with just a new skin and random changes to mechanics such as different shops.

Late game is too laggy and glitchy, people stop visiting stores unless you quit an reload every day once you reach the point youve bought all the extra upgrades.

combos are never explained and the player has to figure them out themselves. There is a plethora of info in the help menu which clearly took you some time to make. Why put in all that work and leave the important stuff unexplained?

stats on characters are never explained. is having good hygiene and entertainment useful at all for a night time security guard? the world may never know.

let me tell you, this would be such a fucking stellar game if the above was corrected, i would probably pay money for it if it didnt lag and worked properly all the way through late game as well. However, as is, its a frustrating, unorigonal mess

LittleGiantWorld responds:

thank you for playing our games

Awesome game! Deserve 5 stars! Keep up the nice work!

LittleGiantWorld responds:

thank you, have a great day :)

A fantastic journey through medieval times starring adorable animals! The level of detail in graphics is great, it's a lot of fun to watch critters show up and interact with the stores. All your favorite aspects of the Tycoon genre are here, in a tightly-knit lunch-break style package. The music is engaging and familiar, options are what you'd want (graphics toggles, volume control), and an ongoing list of missions keeps you engaged.

Out of 10....

GFX - 9 (full animations, great details, retro feel)
SFX - 8 (familiar soundtrack, good effects quality)
DESIGN - 9 (Clever expansion on the Shop Tycoon formula)
GAMEPLAY - 8 (Familiar, but fresh)
VALUE - 8 (may not run well on low-end hardware, but hours of fun)

Overall, it's another sequel to the Shop Tycoon franchise we've seen from LittleGiantWorld. It expands on the concept and design, in almost every way. It's definitely the next step for this series!

LittleGiantWorld responds:

thank you, have a great day :)

Wait a minute, are you trying to sell me the same game you did couple of times, AGAIN? It's nothing new, or creative anymore. It's just shop empire with other skins. You're overusing the game you have posted here already 2 years ago.

LittleGiantWorld responds:

Hi Makakaov, Thank you for playing our games. We didn't sell the game, it's a free game so you didn't need to buy the game to play it. There are improvement and some changing in the game. Feel free to play the game if you like it.