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Reviews for "Shop Empire Fable"

The Graphics are kinda too bright and good at the same time,but when i started playing,it was fun.
but after some time,It got Boring.
And it's also laggy.
Not recommanded,
Please don't waste your time.
if you have chrome.

The graphics are nice, but it's infuriating to see my janitors walk right past stuff they need to clean up and my security guards walk past like, 6 thieves who aren't even hidden. The gameplay needs a LOT of work.

Well it is the same game experience as the other shop empire, but in this game, I found some bugs.
In the music hall, the npc in the right keep changing character as a car weel. Same thing in the villains pannel, some boots keep changing fast and it have special characters in. (78.2% popularity, I know the computer can't keep)

Got boring after the tutorial was over. The graphics were cute, but the gameplay was dull.

Obviously does not work as intended. No stars because as an incomplete game, it is impossible to review.

More or less this is the Big Rigs off the Road racing of newgrounds.