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Reviews for "Shop Empire Fable"

Good game, but the type you would run in the background while you do something else. I went to sleep with it running and woke up with 40,000. When I was paying attention, I lost money everyday. lol

I normally love playing your tycoon games, but this one left me grasping for some explanation rather than anticipation over how to build my mall.

The Extra upgrades in regards to the Guards need explaining. It is not specified that you will have to manually activate Fireballs or Dash ability under each employee profile. This may have been a fact for the last games, but since these games don't come out that often, and since it's such a small part of the game, it's best to remind us of how that works. I was playing this for a while believing that it was probably glitched.

Speaking of glitches, I've been getting some screen tearing once in a while.

Expanding the mall is also an issue. It used to be that the limit would expand automatically. Now I'm guessing if it'll expand when I next login or if I've already reached my max mall width. I cannot tell since there's nothing notifying me.

I've also been having a problem with Janitors and Handymen not doing their jobs, regardless of improved stats. A store or trash will just sit there for a while before a new shift employee comes along to fix it.

Speaking of Shifts, there needs to be a smoother transition between day and night shifts so that repairs and cleanup won't be missed and customers are turned off. Personally if the customers are still there, then I think employees shouldn't leave till the next shift arrives. That way nothing is missed.

Compatibility map. You definitely need one....actually you've always needed one. I always thought this would be a good addition to your game if you allowed players to view the types of building that are the most compatible with each other to optimize their mall to it's fullest potential.

Anyway, that's all for now.

Fun, but i wont play this again in the near future.

Needs a tutorial

It's a decent timewaster for awhile, but:

1. It's too similar to other mall games. And unlike the others, there's no specialized "technology," such as teleports (which would help and fit into a fantasy genre).

2. Once your mall gets large enough, the game takes up waaaaay too much CPU time and it starts to lag really badly. A real turnoff.

3. Once you've gotten all the stores and upgrades, it's extremely hard to meet some of the goals, such as catching thieves and saboteurs . Since some upgrades make it harder to do this (limiting saboteurs from coming in, e.g.), it's self-defeating, and there's no point to keep playing.