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Reviews for "Shop Empire Fable"

A kind of memory leak must happen here. Besides I could not figure out how to get popularity.

It was fun for a short bit... Love the graphics, not so much the gameplay.

Seems like a passable way to kill time, if a little too intensive on animation and going through combinations. For future use I'm transcribing the combination list here:

Book Store: Pottery, Grooming, Antique, Music Hall, Trading Post
Pottery: Antique, Trading Post
Glasshouse: Grooming, Wardrobe, Lantern Shop, Trading Post
Grooming: Wardrobe, Trading Post
Pebble Shop: Bugs Fair, Trading Post
Wardrobe: Trading Post
Lantern Shop: Trading Post
Antique: Trading Post
Snack: Soup, Cheese House, Seed Shop, Fruit Stall, Tavern, Trading Post
Soup: Cheese House, Seed Shop, Fruit Stall, Tavern, Trading Post
Cheese House: Seed Shop, Fruit Stall, Tavern, Trading Post
Seed Shop: Fruit Stall, Tavern, Trading Post
Fruit Stall: Tavern, Trading Post
Tavern: Trading Post
Bath House: Restroom, Trading Post
Music Hall: Trading Post
Restroom: Elevator

Pottery: Glass House, Grooming, Wardrobe
Glass House: Antique
Grooming: Antique
Pebble Shop: Snack, Soup, Cheese House, Seed Shop, Fruit Stall, Tavern, Bath House
Wardrobe: Antique
Restroom: Snack, Soup, Cheese House, Seed Shop, Fruit Stall, Tavern
Bath House: Bugs Fair

Okay so here is what I think.

What I like:
- The art. It's cute and colourful and I like that.
- Its a nice little game if you just want to waste some time, the principle is simple, yet engaging unlike most idle-games.
- The music is nice and fitting, although it does get a bit annoying after a while.
- I love those "special guests" such as our favourite cartoon sponge (I laughed at the changed names...well played xD)
- The different kinds of shops and how you can arrange them. Too bad you can't relocate the lifts, though.

What I don't like:
- It's just too laggy, even on lowest quality and normal speed it takes ages for things to happen in later parts of the game.
- Even though I have all janitor and guard upgrades and almost all of my staff consists of dozends of 3 star janitors and guards, the dirt is STILL piling up and thieves are STILL constantly stealing from me without getting caught. On the other hand, I barely needed any repairmen so that seems to be a bit imbalanced.
- What is with those combinations? What do they mean? Why is it "bad" if I place a restroom next to a seed shop, but a good thing if I have a bathhouse next to a trade? I wish I could see which combinations I've already received (since you're telling me I have to complete this combinations list?)
- Oh my GOD why do I have to WAIT for a restroom to gain "experience" before I can upgrade it?! I understand that principle for the workers, but it sucks having like 100.000 gold but still not being able to upgrade my 3 crappy restrooms in order to complete that one mission!! It's annoying!
- I know you might not be native English speakers and that's okay, but at least get someone to proof-read. At times I had a hard time understanding what was being said due to the bad grammar/spelling. Nevertheless, you tried and I appreciate that.

All in all it's okay as a game, it's nice if you want to play it for an hour or so to waste some time and it's cute and all, but I can't play for longer than that in one session. There are many things that are laggy and annoying and not explained properly. Please put some more effort into dealing with those things please. But if it weren't for those things, this game probably would have been one of my favourite idle-games.

No improvements since the last one. All you did is changed sprites.