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Reviews for "Shop Empire Fable"

awesome game suggestion for another one please make mansion home building with casion building as well

Text is too tiny and hard to read! The interface could be improved
Like the concept though

cool but not creative and for those saying what are these signs meaning look down at the bottom of the hiring window and when the person says a face click the book at the bottom of the screen to see what they are saying.

Can I get an explanation of what the symbols for your workers mean. I think <3 is how often they get tired, + is ?, :D is mood, the next one may be binoculers which I guess is good for detecting what the worker needs to do, and the last one is obviously speed.

Cute, but not very well optimized - the game starts slowing down big time once your mall starts getting just a lil bit popular.

It would be nice to have more types of stores and restaurants.