Reviews for "Midnight Hunter"

Wish I could see the upgrades on my character....
The controls are aweful next time add option to move with keypad instead.
Wish I could get 100,000! for killing last boss. To get all upgrades. Then again most weapons are inferior to the gun. Except the crossbow.

Nice combination of distance games with run-n-gun (it would have been nice though to see the distance somewhere else but the run summary...). I actually liked the mouse control, it let me evade bullets quite easily. I thought I might finish the game before getting all the power-ups from the missions, but it can't be finished without finishing the final mission - nice.
Must say weapons & enemies weren't great; the former didn't feel different enough unless very highly upgraded, e.g. the stake gun should be slow but cause massive damage, and what's with the crossbow machine-gun firing rate?... As for enemies, several were just different versions of bats (a shooting flyer), and those sorcerers or whatever which I couldn't shoot were challenging one at a time but too much when 3 - 4...

Nice game. Usually I don't like these kind of games because they involve so much grinding, but I felt like I was able to get cash at a fair rate in this game. The missions were often luck-based, but that didn't matter too much since they could be bought out. Too bad you don't unlock anything after killing the boss, like another character or some fancy upgrade.The music is great, the graphics are great, and I actually like the mouse controls. Good job!

good game, nothing new or special but well animated and fun.

Was kinda sad that there was no 100% ending or secret though, therefor only 4.5.

Good game, but many faults.
Friggin control with mouse? ugh, phone game.
buy extra luck, congratulations, your bubble spawns are now 80% coin bags
bought all the shop upgrades? now grind for another 200 runs to fully upgrade your overpriced weapons!
mouse gone out of bounds? too bad! either you're dead meat or its paused and resuming you'll be jumping the wrong way!
still waiting to collect 2 broomsticks and none have appeared in over a dozen runs? well, have another coin bag, sucker!