Reviews for "Midnight Hunter"

Great game. I wish there were more content/upgrades post game.

Ad trap, no locking cursor in the windows. The only reasons stars are gone.

good game solid gameplay I can tell there was quite a bit of work in this. mechanics work it makes sense tutorial explains everything quickly and concisely.

EPIC! The visuals are fantastic, the gameplay is pretty neato and I love the story behind it.

Some things that could have made this game better is:
- Have a full storyline and add levels instead of a runner.
- Add characters and unlock characters as you play.

Overall a well-made game and rated 5 / 5 stars.

Lots I could otherwise say about this game, but the only thing I feel worth mentioning after playing it to the end is that the "MyPlayYard" ad-trap is specifically positioned to be triggered while you are playing. This is enough to make me dislike the game, but since the designers don't even bother to pause the game when another window is forcibly opened up over it, all I feel from this game is their intense contempt for their players.