Reviews for "Midnight Hunter"

fun game, would of been a higher score, but ive been killed by accidentally hitting pause than anything else

-A fullscreen mode would have been really good and would prevent accidentally clicking out of the play area

-I would have liked there being more upgrades for the magnet and aiming radiuses, up to the point where as soon as a enemy is visible you could shoot it and wherever it would drop coins they would come to you

-The english translation isn't too good, for example:
"+1 extra life at the start" actually increases maximum life by 1, I though it would give 1 bonus life at the start of a run and that with healing you could still only have 3 max
"+20% speed on a way" actually increases progression speed, not movement speed
"you have a chance to pick up it" should be "you have a chance to pick it up"
"pass 750 meters without lost heart" should be "pass 750 meters without losing life"
and a few more

what's the different between holy water and holy barrel?

Aside from what mentioned above, really nice game

Good game, lots of fun! Altough, I still want to know what the x2 does in the wheel. I finished the game and nerver got it !

It's a great game, a bit of a grind fest, but that's no problem for me. The biggest gripe I have is that why did you put an unkillable enemy--the little green goblin thing with the lightning wand--in the game. I know if you get the axe power up you can kill him but since ALL the action is above and on the ground the axe goes after those enemies 99 times out of 100 and having him under the ground where you can't shoot is a pain since many times, as you get deeper into the game, it gets close to a bullet hell up top and you need as much room as you can get to maneuver.

I'm all for a challenge but making it so you can't use all the room you have to position and avoid--in my eyes--that's like a big middle finger to the player. If he's in your firing radius he should be able to be shot like all the other enemies.

Cool game but too slow for a fast paced game.