Reviews for "Midnight Hunter"

MAAAAN!! Talk about addicting!! Hadn't been so addicted to a game since Burrito Bison. It's a good game

Very good time killer, nice music, atmosphere and fun progression. The controls are a little strange at first but very easy to adapt to. I'd definitely recommend the game.

Kind of wish it had keyboard controls

Great game! The artwork is beautiful, and the variety of baddies is very fun. Controls are a little awkward at first, but easily adapted to. I do wish you had the option of a female main character just for the fun of it, and maybe a few more store items with some kind of fun/silly upgrades. I like how challenging it was to get all the upgrades. Even after you get all the shop items it takes some time to fill up your stats. I kind of hate how anticlimactic most of these games feel once you max out. So great job on a great game :)

Something nice to play in the middle of the night!