Reviews for "Midnight Hunter"

everybody loves a game where good triumphs over evil. But you know what would have really been a triumph over evil? If you could actually aim and fire your weapon.

it is a fun game, but felt quite a bit like i was driving a Humvee while someone else operated the turret.

also it would have been nice if you could manage the random "bonuses" some of them were not as helpful, and it would have been a nice mechanic if you could turn some of them off, so that the more helpful ones would spawn more often.

it was still charming though- i played all the way through.

This game was actually pretty fun, the only problem was that it ended too soon, I got it dead to rights inside of an hour. after one boss it was all done. the boss was the perfect point of difficulty for me and it did seem that was more on skill minus the odd bird flying in your face. In the end it was a good game, but it could have been longer and here is a video review as well

Great game, it was slow at first then it got interesting as I progressed and got a few upgrades. I thought it was pretty good game. Beat the boss in one go and the weapons are fairly balanced, the spike gun is fairly slow in comparison to the other weapons despite its high DMG. otherwise really good game.

I would love to see a midnight hunter 2 , maybe bosses at certain intervals ? how about a medieval rocket launcher like a hot oil mini catapulter ? or a power up like a horse / carriage super speed bow and arrow helper to take you a fair distance ?

Agree with the other comment that Spike gun needs a buff. Easily the worst weapon, I would even say its inferior to the default weapon. Firing rate is too slow to accomplish anything, especially at later stages when the enemies are literally flooding the screen

good one, had some fun