Reviews for "Midnight Hunter"

When the game pauses due to the cursor leaving the screen I end up dying cuz i have to click on the "resume" button and the char moves towards that direction, needs a way to unpause by simply clicking anywhere on the screen.

First off, great game! I really liked this game and though it was really addictive, i like the way the game progresses in a dynamic way.
I only have one recommendation on how to make it better: I think the HUB should present more information when you're in the middle of the run, like the distance you've traveled, the number of kills and the quests progression (which i think is optional compared to the others).
I think these are important to inform the player what they've done so far, and right now i felt pretty lost when in the middle of a run, never knowing if i've pulled a quest off or not.

Not bad a game per say, but it feels more like something you'd expect in a mobile game instead.
It doesn't make any use of the abundance of buttons and control a PC game can have ( despite being a browser game) and like others have pointed out, there is just lack of information regarding how the game works.

Furthermore there are just those little things, like not having a way to skip the tutorial or having a way prior to starting the game to change keybindings/ show the controls of the game.
These last aren't a big deal really, but great quality of live changes, nonetheless.

I would give it a five but I felt there was lack of info in the game and the very end game I was about to give up because I wasn't sure if there was an end boss or if it was just infinite wave of mobs. After I got to 10k several times I figured that was the game.

Other then that I enjoyed it a lot!

the more children you capture the more cash the monsters start to drop. That wasn't really explained anywhere and i just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up. You should include this info in your game. As a reference to those wondering, i would get about 100g per monster at the end of the game get about 10,000m distance and get 10k per round.

good game, it can be a test of skill, with out needing advanced game knowledge to get good at the game, the perfect recipe for a good skill based flash game.

my recommendations
>visible skill upgrades
>working highscore board for great replay value
>final boss worth more gold, 100k is what i would recommend to help players get closer to maxing out their character so the highscore board has more active competitors.
>weapon swapping would be great! you should start out with unlimited pistol ammo and a SMALL amount of ammo for your other guns, you should be able to swap using 1234 or Q,E to cycle. This would make a lot of sense because you can level these guns up individually but some times you dont get the stake gun for example for several round in a row making those upgrades 100% useless during those rounds. FURTHERMORE theres not a lot for the player to focus on other than re-positioning and dodging, this would give the player another thing to focus on in game which is what gun to use and when.

this is one of the better games ive played this week, i just dont really hand out 4 or 5 stars very often unless its a game i feel i would pay money for.