Reviews for "Humanoid Space Race"

This was a blast, literally. Had a lot of fun with this one. Really like the stomp skill, makes the game more challenging and fun to use aswell. A perfect game if you have some time to kill and the high scores makes you want to replay again. Difficulty was just right and that's a hard thing to achieve in making games these days.

It's good to see retro games still alive and kicking ass! Great job.

boom! boom! boom! good job dude

I lagged way to much, couldn't get through the tutorial gave good rating because I am sure its probably me...

decafpanda responds:

yeah must have been something on your end. The game has been thoroughly tested in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. It runs silky smooth on all of these browsers.

Thanks for the play! :)

Addicted to this !
Simple concept with a great graphics and sound!
It feels like any other games from my phone before, birds avoiding pipes kind of thing and Kontra.


An amazing game, a lovely game, a passion game, but more important, a kill-mars game.