Reviews for "Humanoid Space Race"

Cool game! The art is amazing but the powerups don't quite match the
style. I don't know if you made the sprites but if you did I'd recommend making every asset fit the mood and theme of the game. The menu background and fonts were blocky and plain while the game sprites where pretty detailed and realistic. The music, however, fit perfectly with the sprites.

Pretty cool! Normally I avoid scrolling shooters, but this one's actually fun. I like the jumping/stomping mechanics - reminds me a bit of Joust. My big qualm is that it gets a bit hard to keep track of where the player character is on the screen, with all the bits flying everywhere.

Great game!

Well I did make it to the second place in the rankings using exactly the corac's style... Nice game though.

A funny thing about this game is that I started out without realising that I can move horizontally, which resulted in a better experience because I had to balance clearing the screen with dodging bullets and stomping on enemies' heads at regular intervals. However, if we take out that restriction, we're left with a run-of-the-mill arcade game that happens to have good art direction (excluding the final boss as others have mentioned). If I was to improve in one area, that would be the balance. There is simply no need to ever take Lives or Grenades when you can get Gun and Stomp, which are the two most used abilities and flat damage increases, which is a pretty big deal in a game about killing things as efficently as possible. Fix that and you have on your hands a decent game that doesn't set out to do more than it has to.