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Reviews for "Humanoid Space Race"

This game has such great design. Thus I am disappointed in the boss being a regular tank. There still were a LOT of things that I've enjoyed in this game other than art.
Great work thumbs up!

The final boss, is boring and with so many good designs a war tank the final boss really disappointing.


The concept is not '' so original '' there are thousands of games of this style, still the gameplay is very good, the music a bit high.


The upgrades I liked a lot, simple but effective
The game is short on the one hand is very good that is so since dedicating a few minutes you can complete it
Becomes addictive
The art was very good, except the final boss
The controls, all good

I think it would improve creating a storyline, I hope more game on your part some part 2 the game is very good some things to fix and it would be an incredible complete game.

^^ (bad english) ^^
And review !!

Beautiful game! Love the art, music, how the enemy moves around, and bullet hell. Excellent job, Decaf!

Good game and no obvious problems with it. One thing that bothers me in your comments though is you say you only tested under Microsoft Edge. Why are you using Microsoft Edge as the test environment for web games anyway??

At the very least you should be testing your games under both Firefox and Chrome. For one thing, they are available for most OSes and platforms (whereas Microsoft Edge isn't), and for another they will be the majority of what your visitors will be using.

I can tell you right now, in this case, this game works correctly and I encountered no problems under Firefox. But it's rather baffling to me why you wouldn't have tested this under Firefox (and Chrome) yourself prior to uploading here. It's a free download and as a web developer you absolutely should be testing under it.

If you also want to test under Edge, Safari, Opera, Konqueror, or other browsers, that's cool, but at the very least plan to include Firefox and Chrome in your future tests. Don't just make the thing, test it under Microsoft Edge, and assume it'll work in everything else (without testing first).

In this particular case it does happen to work perfectly fine in Firefox, so without your admission, I would likely not have known you didn't test under Firefox, but in the future plan to test all your web games on at least Firefox and Chrome, as that will be what most people use (as well as available for most platforms). This will prevent any problems popping up in the future.

decafpanda responds:

Thanks. I originally tested in Edge because it was the default browser on my computer. I wrote that in the comments when I first started making the game and I completely forgot to update it!

I have been thoroughly testing in Chrome and Firefox for a while now. It just slipped my mind to edit the comments.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention and for the play/review!

This is a very cool game!