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Reviews for "Humanoid Space Race"

Smooth controls, satisfying gameplay, depth and a good challenge. Excellent game sir!

my only critiques
1.your main character is dark orange, your bullets are orange, enemies are orange and enemy debris is dark orange. it very easy to lose track of your character amongst all the explosion. could you change his colour to a perhaps a blue to make him stand out? or make the explosions take up less room on screen.
2. all the upgrades are quite useful except speed, the increase in speed per point is just not significant enough to justify spending it there as opposed to somewhere else. maybe boost that up a little?

now here is the tid bit for all those struggling to get high scores.
1. increase bullet damage increases bullet damage by 1 per projectile...its only good for really wiping out the small guys (get damage to 4 per shot and the little guys will just be melting, no real need to go beyond that), big enemies just have too much health later on for this to be your primary source of damage.
2. increase grenade increase your stock grenade amount AND damage done per grenade (I think max is 20 grenades, 240 damage per grenade)...decent damage...you can almost rely on this as a primary source later on but you will of course eventually run out..so not so reliable...still useful however.
3. increase lives is increase lives...not so important unless you taking risks but you will only really be doing that due to 4.
4. increase stomp damage...this DOUBLES stomp damage PER point so 80 turns to 160 - 240 - 480! ect. this will one shot all enemies (kills the final boss in like 8 stomps!). there is no cool down for stomps and thus this is what you use later stages in the game, but of course, miss a stomp, hit in the wrong area and you lose a life...hence why 3 is so useful. THIS is how you get high scores ;)
5. ;( just cant find a use for this. you might think it helps you get power ups but the speed increase is just so negligible it does not really help that much.

I wish it was longer, but that can be said about anything one enjoys. A nice bite sized piece of fun. thank you :)

decafpanda responds:

Thanks so much for these tips! I am glad you enjoy the game and you are spot on with the critiques. The sequel will most definitely have a updated hero that will be easier to see and I'll try my best to hold back on the debri effects.

Speed is actually a multiplicative increase just like stomp. The first point invested might not seem like a lot but the next points really make him fast! This of course is very useful for collecting all the power ups and dodging bullets.

My favorite build right now consists of stomp, speed, and lives (3 speed, 2, lives, All STOMP) you can zoom around the screen so fast and just wreck everything!

Stomp might need a little nerf for the sequel but I wanted to give good incentive to get out into the battlefield and take some risk.

What is this game trying to be? A side scrolling shoot 'em up with platformer elements? Odd. I like it.
What I don't like, however, is how little the game actually can give. The upgrades aren't satisfying, audio is a sad loop, enemies become very stale very quickly, and there's zero challenge in this game - failure only results in score decrease, and nobody gave a shit about score even when it was a thing.
The controls are very awkward. Anyone who ever played both shoot 'em ups AND 2D platformers expects jump to be on the same directional pad as movement. Because jumping IS moving. It's logical. Imagine my (and many other players', I bet) confusion when upon pressing "up", instead of jumping I... throw a grenade? And jump is "space".
Okay, I see where you got the idea of space as jump. You see, this only works in 3D games. You know, those, where you have to use all cardinal directions to move around. Side scrollers need only two, though. That's why they have "up" as jump. Because while in 3D games "up" means forward, in a 2D game, "right" means forward. "Left" on odd occasions. It might still have worked though, but why different hands? Moving and throwing grenades with your right hand while jumping with left? Why? It's even more awkward! Why not use WASD? Why not mirror it to WASD if you prefer arrow keys?
But enough of controls. There's tutorial part, too. Every game with self-respect should explain the player how to play it. It shouldn't say "look in the description", that's the equivalent of "look in the manual". Everybody hates reading, that's why many Atari-NES era games were garbage. They had to be explained, because they didn't explain themselves (looking at you, E.T.) They were explained in the manuals. And nobody likes to read manuals.
Also, medals are so inventive I can hardly keep my head from exploding with awe. You get "Guns" medal for upgrading guns. Ooh, and "Lives" medal for upgrading lives. Mind = blown.
But hey, it's a learning process. You'll get it eventually, just keep learning from your mistakes.

I don't normally like action games, but this one has a really high fun factor. It's one of the few that runs reasonably smoothly even on my p.o.s. laptop even when there are a ton of enemies and bullets flying around on the last levels. And although it gets pretty mad and crowded toward the end, it didn't cross the line of making me feel like I was out of control and just mashing buttons randomly. I agree with VascoF that the hitboxes when I stomp attack sometimes seem a little bit off to me, in that I'll take damage if I try to stomp in an area toward a mech's front or rear that I would think should be a clean hit, but it doesn't happen often enough to be a big detraction.

Great game. Fun, smooth controls, upgrades are simple and nothing that would make me too crazy. However, it just seems to me that getting a score of 100,000 seems impossible. I defeated the boss without dying and I got 0 points for the boss bonus, ending with a little over 50,000. Does it measure your performance of the boss fight or is it just based off of whether you die or not?

Great game. A bit like your previous one, but a lot more polished. Keep it up!