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Reviews for "Humanoid Space Race"

AWESOME, keeps you entertained. and has a high replay value. Different builds give you much different results, fun trying to chase people on the leader boards as well. visuals are awesome too the explosions and characters. can't wait to see the next game!

A wider play-screen would be better.

I gotta say i enjoyed Playing this, this is one of a kind And i cannot wait to try it out once more!

really fun game, very addicting, but missing some key elements. Dont let 3.5 stars fool you, this is a very high rating for such a short game with so many missing elements, you really made a cool game that i would even pop .25$ to play at an arcade, but lets discuss what is wrong

You should fix this immediately! Even some of the most classic games such as space invaders have a score chart. Considering this is a high score chaser you need to be very clear what the rules are. Imagine trying to play poker with out knowing what the rules are for which sets beat what. Although you say stomping gives you more points, and getting hit makes you lose points, i dont see how it effects my score visualy. When i get hit i lose 0 points, when i stomp i get the same amount as when i shot them. Are the stomp, and getting hit score bonuses added at the end of the game or what? Your score chart should include every aspect of how the player gains points.
FOR EXAMPLE (not accurate chart):
green ship = 20 points, stomp bonus= 0 pts at end of game
walking dude = 80 points, stomp bonus = 10 pts at end of game
getting hit = +10 points per life at end of round
death = -100 points at end of game

This score chart would really help players see what it takes to get into the top three. As i said before, we are all guessing at what the rules are.

"whoops died, no way to beat that high score now" happens a lot which leaves the player to either refresh the page or play through needlessly.

When the player has a chance to level he should be given the numbers on what the level up does.
guns= +1 damge per projectile
grenades= + x amound of damage and +3 grenades
lives= +1 life per round
speed boost= +0 speed (im joking because this one sucks.)

Not a big fan of this approach but it still has merit i guess. To get into the top three, you need to play nearly flawless AND get lucky. Some times there are less power ups per level than others. This means you have to play around 20 perfect matches and hope for the stars to aline where you played well AND got lucky enough for extra power ups to spawn. Not to mention some times power ups spawn and fly down the screen in 1 second at random compared to others which slowly scroll horizontal. Once again the lucky player is going to get more power ups to spawn horizontally, this rewards good luck which i am not a fan of in skill based games. The good side about this is it rewards players who can consistently do well long enough for the stars to aline. the down side is it punishes unlucky players and can give low scores for great playthoughs. For example one match i only missed four green ships, collected all power ups and only scored around 110k points. Later i missed around two dozen green ships, missed 3 power ups, and set a high score of over 120k.

In my opinion there should be the same amount of power ups per level no matter what and spawn the same way. You also need to make sure that there are consistent time power ups, because those give you a chance to collect more power ups, such as even more time.

side note: BUM POWER UPS
this is a very small annoyance and doesn't necessarily require attention i just want to bring it up. I would like to point out that the only goal of this game is to get a high score. Completion is clearly not the goal because it is so short and you have unlimited lives. So why are extra lives a power up when every time you get hit you lose points? if you are aiming for a high score the goal is to not get hit at all, yet alone buy extra lives. This made me wonder if you are given bonus points based on how much lives you had left which would make level up your life count critical. This is why you really need a score sheet. Also the speed boost is near useless and should be buffed.

add score sheet telling the players EXACTLY how points are counted
add restart button
tell us what the levels do
you have to get lucky to get a ton of power ups. Thats lame.
life and speed boosts need improvement.

decafpanda responds:

Wow Thx for this great feedback! A restart button will be added very soon. I will be adding a link in the author comments to a data chart of all the numbers you were saying. I really feel like adding this in game would annoy more people than it would please. Most just want to play a quick game, not look at charts and text on screen.

The random power-ups is actually a bug that irritates me greatly! Trying to work on a fix.

The reason lives is an upgrade is because you lose massive points if you die. Yes you lose points when you get hit but it doesn't compare to getting destroyed.

Speed is a multiplicative bonus. You don't see a big impact on the first one but after that you get huge boosts. SPEED IMO IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT STATS.

It's how you can get to all the power ups. I will be giving speed a buff soon to make it more appealing with the first investment.

Thanks for the play and review! :)

Nice, I got 25th place in the all-time.

Very nice controls.