Reviews for "Forgotten Hill: Surgery"

(Light, puzzle-specific spoilers) Couldn't do it. I was killing it for a good while, but I got hung up on the fly puzzle. I knew the table and the puzzle had to do with one another, so I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out based on marks on the table or whatever else not realizing I was missing an item you had to find (jar of flies) to solve it. I might have figured out hammering in the cracked wall if I kept going, but there's no way I would've figured out breaking the tile in the starting room with it. With these types of games, once I look up how to solve something I consider it *throwing in the towel* so I didn't finish.

However, this was certainly the coolest, most thought provoking *escape* flash game I've ever played on here, so I'm definitely glad I played it. Keep up the good work.

There is some bug in the game when i placed the two shards of the sun medalion i cant remove it in order to pick up the key does anyone know how to solve this problem?

idk what @slickyo is talking about everything worked for me. If you want to beat the game, keep in mind it took me about 4 and a half hours. The final code for the wall is NOT 1887 by the way, i thought that at first until i found another clue (who am i kidding, i looked at the guide).

I highly recommend using the guide if you are stuck, some of the answers are pretty stupid like hammering a certain spot on the wall. there was at least 5 times in my play through that I was really glad i looked at the guide, because the answer was pretty dull and would have just wasted my time.
> had to look at the guide after i turned the water on, would have taken me HOURS to figure this out because i died the last time
>when making the formula i had NO IDEA which room was his
>Once i had all the disks i had no idea what to do
> used the guide to figure out what to do with the fly jar, but at this point i was very tired.
>tried to enter 1887 on the door panel to escape but it didnt work, read a comment and was worried it might be glitched and looked at the guide, The code is definitely not 1887 and can be found some where else.

If you dont want to use the guide this game will take around 6 hours. I recommend taking pictures on your phone of all dialog and picture or any clues you see. When you are stuck look at all the pictures you took.

One thing that i felt was not explained was the game where you had to match colors with the skull tokens. The goal of that game which is not explained anywhere is that each color must touch the same color. Long story short you have to make the colors on the sides, top, and bottom match with all the four next to it.So a token with a yellow top, red right, and blue left must be placed underneath a yellow bottom, left of a red left, and right of a blue right. A diagram would be helpful.

the pad on the wall not working for some reason, can't do anything else without having it to work. i was almost impressed of your work efforts, but now i'm completely disappointed by this. i really wanted to enjoy and finish the game, but your poor creativity won't let me. such complete failure.

i die from fly XD my worts nigtmare XDDDDDD i cant breath XD oh jesus help X'DDD