Reviews for "Forgotten Hill: Surgery"

Amazing, challenging and creepy!
Because that i have completed the game!
(With guild tho)

What a creepy game with plenty of interesting puzzles. I was able to solve most of them except two, i.e., the fly and the lock as well as the digital lock. Thanks to the walk through, who would have thought about that body when there was a year at the back of a picture frame. *pff*

Graphics, animations, and sound effects are great. However, I experienced regular game lags after 30 mins of playing. This definitely made my game experience less favourable.

Really great art and the atmosphere was absolutely fitting, the only problems i got were that it didn't always respond perfectly to my mouse and that for some reason i couldn't get the medals, but apart from that i really enjoyed it!

I dont usually like point and click games, but the creepy visuals caught my eye and the puzzles made me stay. Not including the piece of paper with squares puzzle everything else was very well thought out with an appropriate amount of challenge. The atmosphere was nice but nearing the end of the game once you've explored all of the rooms all tension is lost as new characters stop being introduced and the jumpscares just stop. The anticlimatic ending doesn't help this either.

I had some trouble from a technical point of view: After playing for about ten minutes a slight lag started to happen after every click freezing the game, and as time passed it got increasingly longer. It´s fixable by refreshing the page, but it could be some kind of memory leak.

That was pretty nice.