Reviews for "Forgotten Hill: Surgery"

This game isn't illogical, all hints are in place but trying to solve puzzles without perceiving the hints first could make it seem unfair. It's fairly easy, just pay attention to what you are seeing or not seeing.

Nice game overall, but I have to agree with the others that some puzzles just make no sense.
The flies and teeth puzzle is one.
The skull puzzle basically comes with no instruction at all. I guessed the rule is that neighboring colors have to match, but even then there are multiple solutions. Unless I missed something, I don't understand why the solution is the one in the video

The puzzles were abit too many and too confusing. I got annoyed by too much walking back and forth, just to remember passages. Work on your storyline and on creating intuition friendly storylines. The atmosphere was great, but not much made sense. See the cube series for inspiration

An entertaining third game in the series. I think it was personally my least favorite of the three, but that's only because it didn't have quite the moodiness of the first game or the bizarre surreality of the second. This one was more straight horror all the way through, and the sadistic clinic isn't quite as original as the twisted puppet show it's coming off.

The game's challenge level is high and the puzzles are inventive, although there's a bit of "Guide Dang It" in both the second and third games. It's the demented visuals that really sell this series, though, and the graphics in this game were top-notch.

Is this the final game in the series? The ending left it open, and I would happily play future installments.

FM-Studio responds:

Hi Raydawggie, thanks for the good feedback. Forgotten Hill series will go on, some hints about the future (or the past) have been placed...

Final code and flies puzzles were ridiculous. While flies made some sense in the context, the final code made no sense if you tried to figure it out yourself. Other than that a decent game