Reviews for "Forgotten Hill: Surgery"

I didn't really get into this game, little instruction... seemed initially to just be a click through and no real puzzle, the constant blinking got to me cause I have epilepsy.

No way to change display settings and kept getting re-directed off site, so 1 star... your game may have been a good one but I didn't and couldn't play it.

Great game. Pretty creepy and all, but not really scary. I like the atmosphere, and the puzzles. However, I find that some of the logic is kind of... illogical sometimes

Amaizing game! I think puppeter was little bitt better. I expected that some of frgotten hill will be in hospital, but nevermind. Still really good work. Love it.

This guy is good...

Incredible! It took me 1 hour to complete the game without walk-through, HAHAHA!
I love the graphics and the puzzles that have the game. Is so creepy!