Reviews for "Forgotten Hill: Surgery"

Nice game but quite confusing for some including me.

I love a good challenge. This game was a great way to wake my brain up this morning.

These puzzles were complex but not as bad as the puppeteer one. Again the illustrations are always awesome in these games. I think I kept playing them because I wanted to see everything it had to offer. This was a fun experience. I can't wait to play more in the future.

Great game but I really needed the walk-through or I never would have been able to associate the tougher puzzles with the clues provided- ex: the clock puzzle. Very challenging though, I appreciate that you don't compromise complexity to save player's time because it was interesting enough not to be frustrating and kept me playing to the end.

Good game but you have to be incredibly good to be able to figure out everything on your own. The difficulty takes away a lot of the atmosphere from the game.