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Reviews for "Apocashop"

Lacking graphically with the crowds and the shop itself being filler visually but I still love it, and would honestly like to see the story more fleshed out and the game longer. Trying to make a profit while also trying to equip the hero was absolutely great.

kylechu responds:

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed it.

This is a student project with a really quick turnaround time, but I'm still hoping i can dedicate some time this week to getting some more of the story ideas from my head into the game. And hey, if people are still playing it after the course is over, I'll keep updating it with more content. It's a really fun game to write for!

Great game, good concept. Like the pixel graphics.
Suggestion for the game is that if you get a score of 3.0+ you get to move to the next tier (metal stage). Or simply add stages
love the humor
Anyways good job on the game.

kylechu responds:

We would love to do something like this, but if we did, it would probably be pretty far out in the future. For now, we're mostly focusing on fixing bugs, adding plotlines / heroes, and making some of the code a bit cleaner. Hopefully someday we can add more content like that!

Thank you for the feedback though. Glad you liked the humor!

Nice game i'll rate it 5.0/4.0.

The sounds effects/art are really nice. Looks like the game is easier with the last updates. I think it would be nice to have the possibility to make the game harder (for example by keeping the orb create a new line with more days and harder, or allow the player to join a rebel camp, where you don't have to pay taxes, but you have to provides lots of free stuff every days to help the rebels).
I understand that some people can get frustrated with loss, so not having all plot line too hard might be a good choice, but i'd really like at least one hard plot line. I think loosing is fun, and a close win after several failures more enjoyable than a win with 280 gold + orb.

Thank you for this game.

dam good game but longer please? i hate starting over.

Pretty fun! I really enjoyed doing business haha Good word!