Reviews for "Apocashop"

Its crashes a lot but otherwise its really fun

kylechu responds:

Can you give us a little detail on where it crashes? We thought it was pretty stable.

Great game! Could use some improvement here and there but over all I really like. Side note: Did I win the game or lose when the King rated me 1.8/4.0

I am oficially the Night
was very fun to play, wonder if there are other endings and what r they >_>

Wow, it really reminded me when i played papers, please

it was pretty good actually and the anvil just maked it up for me

the only bad thing (it just me, not anything about it) it was too short

Was just thinking 'Hell yes' and then NUUUU its over. Took roughly 20 minutes- would love to see more tho, really great game.