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Reviews for "Apocashop"

Great game, good concept. Like the pixel graphics.
Suggestion for the game is that if you get a score of 3.0+ you get to move to the next tier (metal stage). Or simply add stages
love the humor
Anyways good job on the game.

kylechu responds:

We would love to do something like this, but if we did, it would probably be pretty far out in the future. For now, we're mostly focusing on fixing bugs, adding plotlines / heroes, and making some of the code a bit cleaner. Hopefully someday we can add more content like that!

Thank you for the feedback though. Glad you liked the humor!

I like where this is going, but it could use some improvement.
One major thing is that I have no reason to dislike the king, and so have no real reason to want to support the rebels. To me it just seems like the king is just wanting to collect taxes. just saying I'm "forced" to pay doesn't really make me resent him.
Maybe that whole aspect is best tobe cut and replaced? It seems too close to papers please, but hey its all good if you can make it work...

It would also help to be a bit more invested in the world itself. Why do I want to help the heroes? Wouldn't preventing them from winning help my business a bit by prolonging the need for people to fight against them? Just dinging me with "repair fees" isnt quite good enough. It mechanically motivates me, but not thematically.

dam good game but longer please? i hate starting over.

really enjoyed this game, but it was too short, please make sandbox!

This game is great. Easily addicting. I would love to see an extended version or even a full release.