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Reviews for "Apocashop"

i like it , but it has some annoying bits . like having to pay 10 gold after every day

kylechu responds:

Our idea was that the ten gold tax penalty would force players to make sure they made a profit, instead of just making barely enough to help the hero and scrape along to the next day.

Can you think of anything we could replace that with while still keeping the game challenging?

whenever i click out of the game, for some reason it stops working but overall it is a good game

kylechu responds:

I've been trying to fix this for a while now and haven't had any luck, but I'll keep trying.

Thank you for the kind words and the positive review!

i would like to see an endless game mode, more items, more choices, perhaps even a competeing shop to go against or at least compare your profits to
perhaps adding a chart to show expenditures and income and profits day by day.
overall very fun game and the odd ball charcters such as the heros, dog, rebels was very enjoyable.
lost .5 stars because it was easy i never dipped negative always payed taxes and gave money freely as long as you know basic econ to sell AT or higher than cost to you and have the items that each days sells most of. for leveling up more options would be nice, perhaps one for customers offering % more on initial offer or perhaps a max level perk that would have greater effect than the standard choices such as 2 extra item spots or much longer day time.
anyone having trouble for your level ups pick increase day time always once you have 2 item slots. sell at cost OR higher to reach levels faster. be prepared for tax which does dbl up every so often. often picking extra things such as helping the hero or the dog gives money long run dont miss out (hero sometimes even prevents you from losing money)

Really nice game! Enjoyed the humour, retro design and gameplay.

tried many times to see if there is an ending that rebellion breaks out and usurps the king.