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Reviews for "Final Commando"

Promising, but too many bugs. The game would freeze up all time time.

nice game no find four artifact :(

I really enjoyed playing this (though I just cant beat it.)
The gameplay is really nice minus some minor glitches here and there.
I was a fan of all of the upgrades except the laser gun (it just wasnt as forceful I would have liked)

Nice job :D

You would've gotten a better score if there weren't bad glitches
- I defeat the final boss twice and both times, I got a lot of coins from the boss, the grey platforms stopped showing up, and I ended up continuously running along the black and yellow striped platform forever (I ended killing myself by falling through a gap that I found in the platforms). If I'm doing something wrong, please let me know.
- The game sometimes freezes when I kill an enemy and whenever my character dies.

Another note, have a button (or put an option in the pause menu) that sends you straight back to the upgrade page. What's the point of alerting someone that they can upgrade if they can't do anything about it?

Other than these things, I did enjoy the game; the sounds for the game were good, the hidden artifacts were a good touch, the speed up function was a smart inclusion as it gave the player some level of control, and the graphic were pretty good, but please fix the problems. Thanks.

I wanted to write my first game review since I came back, so I give up. This game has defeated me.

So this game is pretty cool. It's got it's flaws like the fact that it doesn't matter which path you take, you'll end up in the same area. That just shows some laziness. I'm not calling YOU lazy. I am calling this specific choice lazy. Some other flaws include an unoriginal and boring boss design, falling through platforms, and falling down a bottomless pit not being instant death. Those last two are pretty infuriating, and if you could fix those that would be great.
Besides it's flaws this game does have a really nice retro vibe to it. Sure, it's overused, but what else were you going to do with this? Another nice touch that really helps is that if you don't have enough money for an upgrade, the game just restarts. That makes dying a lot less frustrating. My suggestion is that you make a sequel with higher resolution graphics, better animations, and paths that lead to alternate endings with different bosses. Just some suggestions. You don't to make a sequel. You should if you want this idea to reach it's full potential. Overall, it's fun and has potential. I hope work some more on this. Thanks for reading.