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Reviews for "Final Commando"

It's a promising game, but it lags so much that I can't get very far. I can collect a lot of coins and buy some upgrades, though.

Cool game! Very addicting :D

Great game shoota!

YOUR DAMN RIGHT ITS FREAKING HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish it had an easy difficulty :( whats the ending like?
i played for 3 hours i still cant beat the first boss, is the ifrst boss the final boss? cause he has like 3-4 health bars >:(

Is this game hard? 0_o I beat it in like 5 mins with not a lot of upgrades(3 bars on the gun and 2 on health) and i'm pretty sure I'm not that good as to beat a game people say is hard so quickly XD pretty good game all in all