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Reviews for "Final Commando"

Menu Quit start gives you all the upgrades you had before (if you didnt die)

You should be able to switch between upgrades, like spreadshot and laser. You should instantly die when you fall below the platforms at the end, it's annoying to wait if you have a lot of health.

Other than that a pretty cool game, definitely had fun.

For some reason i voted 0 on this game 6 days ago. I dont remember that. I really enjoyed the game.

Every popup freezes the game for a second, sometimes the game doesn't respond for no reason. I couldn't play even once without something glitching.

This is unplayable, and I could play every other flash game I tried today flawlessly (today is my "waste time with flash games day", so I checked several of them). Restarting browser or even pc did nothing, it's still messed up.

The laser is strong, but spreading at the boss seems even better.