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Reviews for "Final Commando"

This game is really easy and doesn't really bring anything new to the table. Art is boring, music is repetitive and bland, gameplay is standard, and there's no story to speak of. Short, with no incentive to go back and replay it.

Cool pixeled graphics, inspired in contra but very original itself, great music, medals sistem included and a very hard final boss.

If you upgrade gun to the max, it's a downgrade and just getting to the boss becomes a miracle.

If you upgrade jump too early, you will have a harder time jumping and landing correctly on platforms and shit. What's worse if you take higher routes, declining downward has you unable to see what's below you until you're already falling - and of course, spikes everywhere. Double jump with a high jump stat makes you an uncontrollable retarded grasshopper.

Upgrade gun and enemies begin flying, which makes them even harder to kill. Fuck that. I realize old retro games were more unforgiving back in the day, but intentionally adding a "lol fuck you" to an upgrade grind is just dumb. The game shouldn't punish for getting upgrades.

Health upgrades help a ton. Choose the wrong upgrades and extra health is your only saving grace to just make it to the boss. Screw those artifact thingies.

Simply good old style game

Best of both worlds, oldskool sound and visuals, but modern functionality! Upgrades in particular is just something you don't find in old games, but I like that they're balanced, and unrequiring too much grind to trump up. The artifacts were a fun addition too, like Easter eggs - all with a description to match, and the one that requires a double jump to get to took a few attempts to reach. I like the level is built in layers too, so depending on your current skill you can explore different paths to reach the same goal. It's short and sweet, and just challenging enough. Retru shooters should've all been like this. :D Nice work!