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Reviews for "Final Commando"

really fun. boss was stressing me out, but i got it eventually. i felt like i was being trolled on his hit bar a little...

hope you make a sequel. this could port over nicely to phone.

more upgrades are always fun. didnt like that i was stuck with laser for my final upgrade.

good work

A simple run'n gun game, with various upgrades and enemies.
The artifacts and trophies were a nice addition. Falling into a pit will never kill the character instantly, instead I had to wait to slowly lose every heart. The music is what I would expect from this type of game. I ran into a glitch that wouldn't let me progress after beating the boss (which takes a while and is almost impossible without the double jump powerup by the way). Either way, since the game has no story, I doubt it has a conclusion.
Final rating: 3


This game will get undersighted.

Pretty good side scroller, although somewhat generic. 4 stars for your effort. I didn't beat it, btw.