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Reviews for "The Bar - Chapter 1"

That was amazing, genius idea and beautiful sounds throughout I loved it!

Managed to get a real name on the first try, and it was someone pretty important, too: CHE.
"Haven't heard a name like that before. You must be new here."
Oh, you know, I'm just the guy that toppled the Cuban government back in '59. They put my face on T-Shirts now.

Seriously though, fun little game. The story has intrigue, and you did a good job of mixing up the sliding bar mechanic. It could bear to be a little longer and more diverse, but still a lot of fun if one has some spare time.

This is a pretty nice, original game. I had fun with it while it lasted, although it didn't last long. I'd maybe suggest having the bar move a bit slower when having to deal with many options at once, such as typing your name for your name tag. I spent most of my time playing trying to set my name to "ASS", but I just couldn't manage to get it(I got ATS though, I was close!). That is all. Good game overall.

That's a really good idea, I hope we will have chapters 2, 3, 8, 291.

Too short but nice and original. The puzzles are also too easy as there is only a linear way to approach the story. Had it been longer and had more complex puzzles in a way that there are more steps that can be taken at the same time and you have to find out which ones to take in which order, I feel like maybe you tried to do that but kept it too simple, which is fair for the first instalment, hope to see more!