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Reviews for "The Bar - Chapter 1"

Pretty interesting concept, but I'll just leave it at that, no more than a concept. A bit short, and the quickly moving bar can be annoying at times, but you certainly did leave a lot of room for a
sequel. Excellent job, and I hope to see a chapter two to this game in the near future.

Must comment. This was an idea I had for a one-buttoned data entry device years ago. It could record and recall names and phone numbers using the slide-across method. If you made a mistake, you would hold the button and it would undo the last step.

Pretty clever how you made it into a game, Gharrot ! Going to give you 5-across for this !

Looking forward to seeing you write a new game using this method.

I like the idea..definitely more engaging than just having to click. I think I found a bug though. After I named myself ZAZ I went home. I could not properly set the barometer to stormy...it always jumped in the middle of the bar (cloudy).

After repeating it a few times and wondering around the "town" I tried it again and it worked.

Nice, but You should've added more to it. It's too bleak, I hope chapter 2 has alot more in it. this is ok, I guess. You could've added more, but I like the music ^o^

It's simple yet interesting.
Can't wait for chapter 2, but pls make it a bit longer than this :)