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Reviews for "The Bar - Chapter 1"

Wow, that's new. Please make more!

i loved the idea i would defiantly like you to make more.

Its funny i was stuck on the last part because the first name i picked was ZAZ and i didn't remember that i changed it to AAA untill like 15minutes of me not knowing why my character wasn't the right person even though the note was specifically asking for me.

i am not a big fan of these kind of narrative adventure games but this one really appeals to me, so if you do make it longer, please try to keep it simple like this. The biggest kill buzz about these adventure games is having to explore (spam click on) 50 different areas to trying to find where an item goes or something. I liked there was only like 3 areas. If you go 50 areas, try breaking it up into 3 area chapters like this one.

i would also like it if you didn't go to overboard on the syfi side, this game was so down to earth untill the wall opened up. i was ready to explore some shady stuff i hope it doesn't turn out to be some hogwarts shit.

good, plz make more, neat concept, interesting

good easy stress emptying game. please make more but longer

It's a good concept. There's no game that is similar to this. I might complain about the hardness of the name-choosing mechanic, but I guess it's fair since all the other parts are really easy and it is a short game. Nice job!