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Reviews for "Super Gonad Smasher"

Games is so cool and hilarious also XD . But found 2 bugs which crashing gameplay when boss is near wall and when he`s doing its leap attack facing wall boss goes off-screen :/
Second is when you try smash spikes when player still has god mode after death then player is warped out of playable area

PestoForce responds:

Cool, I'll look into those. Thanks!

its a game about tom fulp's enviously large testicles. plays well, boss is fun, this gets a 5 in my book.

PestoForce responds:

The envy of us all!

short simple funny effective

PestoForce responds:

*high five*

The game seemed like a rip-off of MegaMan with penile references. And was Tom naked? I feel this should've gotten an M rating, even if it's an 8-bit style of nudity. The game seemed a little short and if the dinosaur or whatever is the final boss (I ran out of lives and was not gonna test my patience going through all that again), then the game doesn't even take that long to complete. It's a boss rush, was there any possibility to have some sort of level inbetween? Then again, I don't know how long the game actually is. Thus I cannot completely judge the game but only judge what I played through.

PestoForce responds:

We chose to distil it down to just the boss sequence and put the time into making an over-the-top boss (a lot more fun than having a boring level in our opinion).

It is megaman-esque, but the bouncing and slamming mechanic is quite different from megaman.

No one claimed the game was "long."

The fact that you had to ask if Tom is naked is the reason we felt "T" was appropriate rather than "M."

Thanks for the review, hope it was a good "lunch break" kinda game!

I'm a straight guy and I never thought i'd say this but I enjoyed punding Tom Fulp's balls

PestoForce responds:

Mission accomplished!