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Reviews for "Super Gonad Smasher"

Nice idea, but very short and ONLY bossfight, thats annoying

Is this based of that South Park episode?

good game but, there's a glitch that gets you underground soooooooo imma have to give it 4 stars

I was cringing with sympathetic pain as soon as the game started, which is fine because that's the joke and it's hilarious; however, the gameplay didn't hold up well enough for the game to stay enjoyable. The concept is pretty fun in theory: you have to bounce constantly and you can ground-pound to attack enemies or bounce higher than normal. Unfortunately, the first boss battle of the game doesn't feel fair at all because there is almost no margin for error which is a problem because the first boss is literally the entire game (after a few introductory rooms). In the first part of the boss in particular, I felt like I could have timed my jumps better if it didn't depend on how close I was to my next bounce compared to where the boss was, and sometimes it just didn't line up to where I could really and a hit on him. The rest of the game continues to be painfully hard (pun intended) to the point that you have to basically memorize all the sequences. This kind of ruins the experience since the only other redeeming quality was the comedy, which amounts to "you have giant balls which you use to get around and the villain wants to cut your balls off".

My cojones are cringing just watching this lol