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Reviews for "Super Gonad Smasher"

Solid game! Good music, funny little plot, and a good amount of skill involved. Two questions: what does hyper mode do and how do you get the abstinence medal?

PestoForce responds:

Hyper mode turns up the frame-rate, on slower comps you might not notice a difference. Abstinence comes from completing one part of the game without hurting Vasekto...

its an little lagy=(

PestoForce responds:

Try diff browser, try fullscreen mode (press F) try shutting down other programs...

Really fun game! I think its an instant classic, congratulations to the team!

PestoForce responds:

Yay! Glad you n-joyed!

Wow! This was brilliant in a rather stupid way. Or was it stupid in a rather brilliant way? Is there a difference? Do gonads weigh less on the moon?

Solid graphics, great music and sound -particularly Tom's voice acting, which was clear as a bell- and proper muting. The game was actually a bit challenging in terms of learning the bounce and the timing of the attack. The attack meter made it a bit tactical. The multifaceted boss battles were enjoyable, forcing the player to learn patterns Contra-style and pull them off.

I like the story, but I'm pretty sure I saw the testicle-based boss battle in Mega Man XXX. That shit was never published stateside.

PestoForce responds:

Ha ha, great review... that megaman xxx might have been a ROM hack ;-)

THAT how you made a game that is playable even thought its saw short

PestoForce responds: