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Reviews for "Super Gonad Smasher"

Hate it. Theres too much lag.

Holy Balls this game is amazing!

PestoForce responds:

*high five*

This is really fun. But, the lag and glitches are setting it back. Other than that, It's really fun.

PestoForce responds:

What glitches?

not bad fun and a little weird great music well done sprites but I do have 2 questions

1. who is the person doing the girls voice the credits never say

2. whats hyper mode supposed to do when ever I turn it on it does nothing

PestoForce responds:

1. The voice actress' name is in the credits at the end
2. Hyper mode turns up the frame rate, probably not noticeable unless you have a new-ish comp :-D

Great game with great pixel art !!!
Got all the medals and discovered the hypermode and the top secret cheat mode...!!! That's really nice and well done !!!

PestoForce responds:

Way to go!